R.I.P. Gary Moore: remembering a guitar legend

It was with a heavy heart that I read the news today that Gary Moore has died.

I was lucky enough to chat at length with Gary less than two years ago, when he was promoting what will now be remembered as his swan song LP, Bad For You Baby.

Of course, he was a phenomenal player, laying down some truly timeless lead guitar; but far more than that, he was a thoroughly nice guy. “Humble” and “down-to-earth” are descriptions you readily hear applied to celebrities and musicians, but in my experience are rarely true.

Gary was an exception. Throughout our interview he was kind, accommodating and humorous. He was not the least bit pretentious, and was happy to retrace well-worn seventies anecdotes for what must have been the ump-teenth time, all with a charismatic, Irish glow.

And more than anything, you could sense his true, undying passion for the music – as strong now as when the unknown Belfast teengaer first picked up a guitar.

RIP Gary.

Read my full interview with Gary Moore here.

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