Fanatics, crackpots, cinema lovers… it’s 11-11-11 – where’s the apocalypse?

As you read these words, the world as we know it is either on the verge of an apocalyptic collapse – or it could be all over already.

The day of reckoning is November 11 – Friday to me and you, but 11-11-11 to your average fanatic, crackpot – or cinema lover. According to popular prophecy, the exceptional mathematical properties of the date mean it cannot pass without some kind of irrevocable metaphysical shift. In the new movie 11-11-11 – set to be released in the UAE on that very date – this threat comes as a portal to another world opens, letting through an alien entity to wreak havoc.

I take a sideways look at the end-of-the-world movie genre for Time Out Dubai here.

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