13 moments from 2013

A few professional highlights from the past 12 months…. (click the links to read the full stories)

13. David Guetta telling me Justin Bieber has a long way to go

12. Getting back at every UK GCSE English student’s nemesis, Simon Armitage

11. Catching Scary Movie’s Wayans Bros bickering on tape       

10. Talking film and DIFF on Dubai One TV

9. Grilling Jeffrey Archer on a disgraced political career

8. Finding Shaun Ryder to be worryingly (but entertainingly) EVEN MORE SHOT than I could imagine

7. Pretending I know basketball with the fourth best NBA player ever, Kobe Bryant

6. Trading fairytales with Of Monsters of Men

5. Encountering the great raging ladies’ man which is Julio Iglesias (now aged 70)

4. Sitting down with a Bond Girl – sorry, Woman – Miss Moneypenny, Naomie Harris

3. Getting outmanoeuvred by the master of communications, Alastair Campbell

2. The nicest movie star alive, Martin Sheen

1. Fulfilling a teen dream with an hour-long chat with Noel Gallagher

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