Why Guns n’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction is the perfect workout soundtrack

Sorry Axl, you probably didn’t have post-millennial rat-racers on the treadmill in mind when you made Appetite for Destruction 30 years ago – but for the record, the first “G” side is a perfectly paced beginner’s workout soundtrack.

The steady rising growl of opener Welcome to the Jungle sets your mood of intent; building and cresting as you poke at the speed-increase button, before breaking into that banging verse riff just as you hit your stride – by the punky attack of It’s So Easy, you’re burning calories at unprecedented speed. And, quite possibly, loudly insulting your gym neighbours….

Your tempo won’t falter throughout the storming strut of Nightrain and its stratospheric outro solo – although you might wish you were drinking the titular cheap cider instead of being the gym – nor the rebel rock swinger Out Ta Get Me, a propulsive riff made for running if ever there was.

The steady swagger of faux-funky Mr Brownstone arrives just in time to offer some welcome relief – dial it down a few notches and dig in deep for the closing stretch – while the anthemic intro to Paradise City sounds us into a flag-waving final lap, its stadium sized backbeat and rousingly euphoric chorus sung from the rafter by your adoring fans as you approach the final stretch. Before you get there, of course, the manic riffing and widdly squealing of the frantic outro breaks out – a final adrenaline shot to push you back up to record speed and over the virtual finish line, clocking your quickest 27 minutes on record. Try it some time.


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