Brass Act: The London Horns live

IN the world of Jazz Top Trumps – where every famous collaborator would earn a high-scoring card – the London Horns would have a formidable hand. The group’s frontline brass trio have been seen on stage with the likes of Phil Collins, Quincy Jones, the Brand New Heavies, the James Taylor Quartet, and son-of-Clint, Kyle Eastwood. And to complete a formidable CV, they recently knocked off a world tour with pop princess Kylie Minogue. So the purpose of this not-so-inventively-titled outfit is for the polished session pros to let their hair down, and play what they want for a change … Continue reading Brass Act: The London Horns live

‘Jazz is hip hop’: Benet Mclean genre hops at the Hideaway

 “JAZZ is hip hop, hip hop is jazz – they’re the same thing,” pronounced Sonny Rollins  on stage at this year’s London Jazz Festival. Your average Joe jazz fan may not agree with the legendary saxophonist’s outburst – but Benet Mclean should would, as he melts hip hop songs forms into his traditional jazz quartet, while peppering the stew with elements of funk, fusion and pop. Lurching from covers of Sam Cooke and Michael Jackson to bebop-on-bendrezine workouts, Mclean’s playful piano approach draws on everyone from Art Tatum to Elton John, and Scott Joplin to Liszt. And while his voice is more … Continue reading ‘Jazz is hip hop’: Benet Mclean genre hops at the Hideaway